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Bracelet soulmate energy ♥

Bracelet soulmate energy ♥

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Bracelet soulmate energy is the gift to give to your best friends and to wear together. Packed with a beautiful message and real gemstones, the silk bracelets are a sweet gift. Let your friends know what they mean to you and give them these button bracelets.

♥ a healer of the heart, body & soul ♥

Each color has a different stone and different message:

White silk cord & white agate : you bring me self-confidence & trust
Light pink silk cord & rose quartz : you bring me love & warmth
Light blue silk cord & amazonite : you bring me balance & comfort
Beige silk cord & yellow agate : you bring me willpower & clarity
Green silk cord & green agate : you bring me harmony & joy


  • gemstone in various shapes
  • silk cord
  • one size fits all: 45cm
  • no closure
  • handmade in Rotterdam
  • created by & for women
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