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Ring 18k Loved Mata Hari

Ring 18k Loved Mata Hari

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Inspiring woman from Dutch history, Mata Hari. She was an exotic dancer and courtesan and seemed anything but Dutch. During World War I, she was recruited as a spy. However, she was accused of double espionage and executed by the French. The photos of her as a dancer are still beautiful to see.

Mata Hari:" the dance is a poem of which each movement is a word."


  • 21 diamonds: 1mm vintage
  • Material: 18k recycled gold
  • Band: rectangular 2x1.8mm light bulb
  • Handmade in Rotterdam
  • Created by & for women

The Loved Collection consists of unique jewelry made from vintage jewelry. Both the gemstones and the gold are reused from vintage jewelry in our own workshop. The stones have been checked for integrity, authenticity and colour. The piece of jewelery is made of newly cast old gold, which has been tested for carat content. The most sustainable solution for a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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