Charlotte Wooning & her team


I am proud of my team. Together with me they ensure that you can wear the most beautiful jewelry.

In 2005 I started as a jewelery designer. First I completed my studies at the Willem de Kooning academy in the fashion department. There I made various collections including accessories.

After making a mini collection of jewelry, I was overwhelmed with ideas and decided to change course. I thought out loud, “I'm going to be a jewelry designer! “

Since then the ideas keep coming and I develop new designs all year round. I now work and design together with that great team. Together we run this beautiful company.

There are all kinds of different people that make up the team. For example, I work with blacksmiths who carry out my designs, everything is made by hand in our workshop in Rotterdam.

There is also a fantastic team of hostesses who give the right advice in our store and in the online shop.

In the webshop, real human hands ensure that everything is delivered properly and is shipped on time. That is how we became a company and we supply jewelry to customers and shops all over the world.

" Give energy and attention to everything to grow, then the works of art will come about naturally."

My jewelry now has a recognizable style. My handwriting has evolved over the years. All jewels are feminine, elegant, delicate, modern.

Made for you
In addition to the collection, special unique pieces are also designed. Together with the customer we come up with a design idea. Often the most special and unique jewelry is produced there.

It is very special to make a piece of jewelry that later becomes a story for someone, part of someone's life. Often you receive a piece of jewelry at a special moment, a graduation gift, a birthday gift, an engagement ring, a wedding ring, an I feel fantastic gift, a memorial piece of jewelry. A piece of jewelry will always have a story with it, every day you wear it.

“I am proud that our jewelery becomes stories that will last a lifetime. It is the stories of our customer, who wear the jewelery close to their hearts.”