Unique wedding rings

Design your own set of rings together with Charlotte. Based on her delicate, refined style, you will discuss your wishes in a personal conversation. Together we come to a unique set that is made especially for you in our studio.

Make a wedding appointment

Handmade in our own studio

After the meeting, a non-binding offer will be made. After approval, the rings are made in our studio. The process from sitting together for the first time to the final rings takes about 6-8 weeks.

Of course it is also possible to add a personal engraving.

Extra special

We also work with old (family) gold on request. The rings are then melted from old gold into a new set in their own style. Sometimes old gems can also be reused. Working with old gold takes more time, keep that in mind.

Sometimes we use gemstones that are cut especially for you, so the process takes 6 weeks longer. So don't wait too long if you have something very special in mind!

In addition to wedding rings, we can of course also provide jewelry such as pearl earrings, bracelets or a beautiful necklace. Get inspired!