especially for you

In addition to our collection, special, unique pieces are also designed together with the customer. This process often takes place in consultation with the client. Charlotte and the client discuss the options and ideas. And of course in that process a lot of jewelry is put on the table and a lot of jewelry is tried on to arrive at a final design idea. This often results in very special and unique jewelry.

Charlotte: “I hope I can let as many people as possible experience a moment of happiness. Every day, every time they wear a piece of jewelry from me.”

It is very special to make a piece of jewelry that later becomes a story for someone, part of someone's life. You often receive a piece of jewelry for a special moment, a graduation gift, a birthday gift, an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a I feel fantastic gift, a keepsake jewelry. A piece of jewelry will always have a story with it, every day you wear it.

“I'm proud that our jewelry becomes stories that last a lifetime. These are the stories of our customer, who wear the jewelry close to their heart.”